Who are we?

What is “Jushinkan?”

Ju:free    shin: spirit/mind    kan: house/home

You can find us in beautiful city of Kelowna, BC. Our karate club has been part of City of Kelowna Active Living & Culture programs ever since fall of 2004.

Jushinkan Martial Art is a recognized style association by Karate Canada. Even that our roots are based on traditional Shotokan style, our minds are open to study all styles and forms of karate. Kobudo and Sport Karate is also a very important part of our learning process.

Our primary focus is to assure that our students learn and follow not just the style of our teaching, but the true principals of the art itself: “ perfection of the characters of its participants.”

Achievements from other styles are recognized, and we welcome those who are interested to join us. Our classes have limited number of participants due to our primary focus on quality first, instead of quantity.

Jushinkan Martial Art is a member of Karate BC and Karate Canada.

 Our chief instructor is:

Elizabeth Wijnstra, 6th degree black belt, NCCP Level 2 Coach, National and Provincial “A” class official, Fit4Defense certified instructor

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Our Instructors are:

Volodymyr Shchelkanov, Sandan

Rick Kreklewetz, Sandan

Kelly Grant, Nidan

Brent Davidson, Shodan