Why Karate?

Have you considered KARATE for intreseting fitness, improved negotiating effectiveness, fun, family activity, friendship, greater confidence and self defense?

Traditional karate enhances several facets of life by offering interesting fitness, practical and meaningful self defense, sport and most importantely healthy personal development.

Classes are availible which encourage multiple family members to participate and enjoy karate together, sharing common time together in a fun, healthful yet challenging pusuit. Since karate appeals to various ages, male and female, it offers the opportuntiy for common interest across various family ages and members, enabling the benefits of pleasurable shared experiences which promote healthier families.

Karate participants engaged in executve/business environments have expressed excellent personal improvement in negotiations, meetings and interviews through the calming, focus, timing and strategic aspects constantly worked in karate training.

Bullying situations can be a very unfortunate and sometimes devastating part of growing up. These situations can be physically dangerous and destroy self esteem, while pressing academic performance and personal relationships. Karate is based on very individual goals, effort, progress, and achievements and so the joys and positive benefits of personal success are available to all participants, individually at their own pace to their own schedule within their own limits and situation. This promotes confident achievers that feel good about themselves, and they are far less likely to become victimized.

Sport karate and karate tournaments are available in the program at all levels and abilities from friendly local to national, for those interested.

Jushinkan Martial Art is a member of Karate Canada, Karate BC and ShotoCanada