Kudos from karate tournaments & Promotions

Aleksei Shchelkanov, student of the year 2019

Volodymyr Nidan

Volodymyr Shchelkanov Nidan, May, 2019

Kelly Grant, Shodan

Kelly Grant Shodan July 2017

Winners at Kelowna Cup, April 2016:

Giuliano Manfredi, Silver Kata

Stefano Manfredi: Silver Kata, Bronz Kumite

Kelly Grant: Silver Kata, bronz kumite

Warren Linquist: Silver Kata, Gold Kumite

Ryan Yu: Gold Kata, Gold Kumite 

Sensei Elizabeth Rokudan

March 2015,┬áSensei Elizabeth’s promotion to 6th degree Black belt – Rokudan by Sensei Mike Scales 7th dan, Chief instructor of ShotoCanada, Sensei Rob Ingram 6th dan, chair of ShotoCanada Technical Committee, and Sensei Ingrid Sheere 4th dan member of Technical Committee

Results from Kelowna Kumite Cup, Feb. 15, 2014

Vance Bekkering: silver, boys  8-9 yr

Guiliano Manfredi: bronze, boys 10-11 yr

Stefano Manfredi: bronze, boys 12-13 yr

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